Design Help

Creating your own design is easy when using our customizer tool. Choose the product you want to design and select one of the many templates available and start designing. Make sure you follow the all the steps. When you have designed your product and placed the order, you will receive a confirmation email form our factory – to make sure the products will be according to your expectations.

If you already have a design of the product you want you purchase, simply select: Upload Design and submit your files together with the logos. Go to team details and insert names/numbers and go through the purchase process.

If, however, you cannot find the design template you wish to use and you do not have a design already, we are happy to help you. Fill out below information as thorough as possible. Feel free to upload inspirational photos, drawings, logos, ascreenshots and anything else that might make it easier for us to understand the design you want. We aim to reply you within 72 hours.